Melbourne is known for iconic coffee shops and passionate coffee drinkers, and workplace events are an excellent way to attract potential customers. According to this market report by IBIS, cafe and coffee shop industry revenue has been climbing at an annual rate of 3.8% and is expected to total $10.3 billion in 2024.

If you’re planning a Christmas party or a corporate event, the size and capacity of your coffee maker affect the demand and experience of your guests.

Whether you’re thinking of a premium self-serve office coffee solution, cold brew coffee recipes, or just want to boost your coffee game, explore how to enhance your business event coffee experience, and what to consider before investing in a commercial coffee machine.


Importance of Providing High-Quality Coffee at Events

With a range of benefits to business, why should you rent coffee machines for your event? Keep coffee enthusiasts satisfied with these quick tips.


  • Time-efficiency. Able to brew large volumes of coffee quickly, commercial coffee machines prevent long lines of guests and waiting times.
  • Consistency. Providing a consistent taste and coffee bean standard for guests ensures everyone enjoys a delicious cup of coffee. 
  • Customisation. It’s always a good idea to experiment with various coffee machines, and with various styles and coffee options on tap, you can cater to everyone’s favourite drink.
  • Cost-effective. Renting a machine is less expensive than purchasing one, especially if planning to use it for events. Aim to invest in a high-volume coffee maker.
  • Convenience. Easy to maintain and for staff to operate, there’s no need to stress about logistics. 

Want more sustainable options for your business operations? Have a look at the ways used coffee grounds can be recycled!


Selecting a Commercial Coffee Machine – Factors To Consider

Coffee Shot Coffee Machine

Whether you’re thinking about a permanent coffee machine rental for your office or need one temporarily for an event, there are things you should consider before committing to a purchase.


Capacity and customisation

How many attendees are you planning to serve, and what will be their coffee consumption on average? Always choose a commercial machine that can meet this demand. A user-friendly machine-such as a bean-to-cup machine- will make barista-style coffee simple. 

Suit the needs of your business, team, or customers with contactless payments, touchless technology, specialty brews such as a chai latte, and the option to add flavoured syrups.

Touchscreens can be personalised– such as showing your business logo–and machines can be synced to a user’s phone to remember favourite orders from its sophisticated selection. These high-tech features are excellent for corporate events, making refreshments easier to access.


Brewing time

If the machine of choice has a fast brewing time, this will meet the caffeine demands of your guests. Although small teams can manage with a single-serve coffee maker that minimises waste, larger commercial spaces need greater brewing capacity.

Automatic coffee machines for example provide higher specifications, customised tastes at the push of a button, and over 150 cups per day. If your event has over 50 people, consider larger bean-to-cup, instant coffee machines, milk-foaming features, touchless technology, customisable programming, and a delectable selection of hot drinks. Choose a machine that can brew 1.5 times the expected demand. After all, coffee keeps crowds energetic!


Versatility and build

You want a commercial machine that brews different coffee types, such as cappuccino, espresso, and milky lattes! Account for peaks in demand, especially during conference breaks.

When in the market, you also want your machine to handle daily use. If you’re unsure of whether you’ve picked a durable build, the Boutique Coffee team creates an exceptional coffee experience and can help you hire coffee machines in Melbourne that work for you. Check out how it works!



A machine that is easy to clean. Many coffee machines have self-cleaning features, guaranteed to quicken the clean-up process.

Functional features such as descaling, removable or dishwasher-safe drip taps, and accessible bean hoppers are great for guided cleaning. Simplistic cleaning is easy for anyone to follow!


Budget and space constraints

What is your budget? Pick a commercial coffee machine that adds value to your workplace events and doesn’t break the bank!

From single-serve machines to deluxe models, modern commercial coffee machines can save energy by putting themselves into stand-by mode when out of use. Plan for future growth so your machine can accommodate future event expansions.

Also, make sure that your machine fits in your coffee station area! Is there a fridge being supplied? Double-check measurements and if they work for your event.


Want to improve your coffee roastery for potential customers? Whether you’re exploring an alternative milk option, coffee syrup, coffee grinders or have just started a coffee business, Boutique Coffee prioritises your customer loyalty with comprehensive, professional coffee machine options and automatic coffee machines in Melbourne.


Ensuring Quality with Fresh Coffee Beans

Woman Pouring Milk


Coffee bean selection is key to a memorable event, but why is it important to use fresh, high-quality coffee beans for optimal flavour?


  • Flavour profile. As freshly roasted beans contain more natural flavours than beans that have been sitting on shelves, this results in a vibrant, more complex flavour in coffee. Fresh coffee beans also release a rich and enticing aroma that is acidic and bright, whereas stale beans lose their aromatic compounds and become dull in flavour.
  • Balance and complexity. Quality beans offer a delicious flavour profile of chocolate, fruit, floral, or nutty undertones. Stale beans have a thin, less satisfying texture with diminished taste.
  • Caffeine content. Although caffeine is not directly related to coffee bean freshness, fresh beans can keep their caffeine content over time in comparison to older beans.
  • Brew consistency. Good beans ensure consistent brewing results as the flavour profile remains intact. Stale beans lead to an inconsistent flavour. If you want your corporate event to shine, invest in fresh coffee beans.
  • Fresh coffee beans ultimately lead to a satisfying, enjoyable coffee-drinking experience. For your upcoming event, purchase beans from reputable sources, store them properly in airtight containers away from light and moisture and grind them before brewing.

If you’d like to learn more about how coffee beans can benefit your work event, look at the ultimate guide to coffee drinks.


Commercial Coffee Machines – Proper Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining your commercial coffee machine is critical, especially if you’re using it frequently for events.


  • Keeps all components in good working condition, including checking and calibrating temperature settings, pressure levels, and water flow rates for consistent brewing results and delicious coffee extraction.
  • Sanitising the coffee machine stops bacteria, mould build-up, and coffee residue that can affect the taste and safety of the coffee, preventing cross-contamination between different beverages.
  • Prevents wear, tear, corrosion, and scale build-up, extending the lifespan of expensive components such as pumps, boilers, and valves.
  • Complies with health and safety regulations. If planning a large-scale event, you want your commercial coffee machine to meet these safety standards.
  • Energy-efficient. Descaling and cleaning heating elements lower energy consumption and operating costs.
  • Happy customers. A well-maintained espresso machine will always deliver a delicious, consistent coffee cup. No off-flavours from previous brews will affect the taste!


Training Staff on Operating the Machine

A quality coffee service encourages customers to come back to your next event, so what do you need to keep in mind when training staff? It’s always good to be prepared!

  1. Understanding the machine. Allow staff to familiarise themselves with your coffee machine such as steam wands, group heads, controls, and water tanks. Explain the purpose and function of each component.
  2. Setting up the machine. Show staff how to set up the machine before use, such as filling the water tank, checking the coffee bean hopper, and ensuring all supplies are stocked such as milk and sugar.
  3. Steaming milk. If your event menu contains milk-based coffee such as mochas,  train staff on how to adjust steam wand pressure or heat milk to the correct temperature.
  4. Operating procedures. Demonstrate the step-by-step process of brewing espresso, grinding coffee beans, dosing and tamping coffee grounds, inserting the portafilter into the group head, and starting the extraction process. Teach staff how to adjust the grind size, water temperature, and shot extraction time based on desired coffee strength.
  5. Cleaning and maintenance. This prevents machine malfunction and ensures hygiene, so always train staff on cleaning group heads, steam wands, drip trays, or backflushing the machine. 
  6. Troubleshooting. Discuss common issues that can happen during operation such as grinder jams, steam wand blockages, or inconsistent shot quality.
  7. Documentation and resources. Provide written manuals and guides that describe operating procedures, and troubleshooting steps, and keep a record of maintenance schedules for references. 
  8. Practice sessions. Give hands-on sessions where staff can practise making steaming milk, and espresso shots, and prepare different coffee drinks under supervision. Offer guidance and feedback to help staff improve their coffee-making skills and confidence.


Looking for coffee cappuccino machines in Melbourne? Whether you need support with commercial spaces or are searching for a coffee machine that matches your business model, Boutique Coffee supports you with machine maintenance and repairs.


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