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Coffee Machine Service in Melbourne

Impress your staff, customers and clients with barista-quality coffee at work!

Welcome to Boutique Coffee @ work

Boutique Coffee at Work’ was founded in 2008 with one mission, to deliver great-tasting coffee to businesses all over Melbourne. Our clients get excited when they discover the benefits they get with our exceptional weekly service calls, helping them increase workplace productivity all at the simple press of a button.

If you’ve ever wanted to walk into an office to be greeted by the beautiful aroma of quality coffee, ‘Boutique Coffee At Work’ has what you’ve been looking for. It’s the fun we have in bringing the cafe experience into your business that makes great coffee our business!

From delicious hot chocolates to aromatic hot cappuccinos – we have a variety of rental workplace and commercial Machine Range available for businesses to hire and enjoy the benefits. We provide our clients with the choice of renting from a world-class range of Super Automatic Premium Coffee Machines, including the German-made WMF range. We also provide a variety of quality coffee bean brands. Quality consumables like paper cups, sugar sticks and wooden stirrers are also available.

What you’ll gain is in workplace productivity by not having to send staff out from the office to the coffee shop ever again. Boosting workplace productivity, improving work quality, having happier, more engaged staff, and increasing staff retention rates has never looked\ easier! Please call us now to discuss your options. You’ll be delighted!

Get excited, because we’re all about providing tailored beverage solutions to offices all over Melbourne, and NOW Australia wide! So if you have budget or other constraints, one office or multiple sites – we have the most cost-effective and efficient solution to bring great tasting coffee to you wherever your business is located in Australia! Best of all, your staff and customers will absolutely love it!

You can also rest assured knowing you will receive trusted professional advice to find the right system for your office or business!

As many Australians can agree, a good morning starts with a boost from a great coffee – and with over 12 years experience and dozens of happy clients under our belt, you can trust us to bring you nothing but the best in Workplace Coffee. Contact us NOW! Introductory offers available!

Coffee Machine Specialist

We help create excellent workplace productivity by building higher staff morale. Treat your staff and customers to better-tasting coffee with our Super Automatic Coffee Machine equipment and services in Melbourne and NOW Australia Wide! Call us now for a consultation on 1300 883 497.


Trained Technicians

The best office coffee makers made better with our trained technicians! They will look after repairs, maintenance & servicing, so you can look after your business. If required temporary replacement machines are also offered at no extra charge!


World-Class Office Coffee Machines

We rent out world-class coffee equipment to businesses all over Melbourne and now Australia-wide! Barista quality coffee, available at the touch of a button.


Best Quality Coffee

We roast and source a daily fresh supply of quality coffee beans. Optional consumable items for Your workplace happiness will be made more enjoyable with our friendly helpful staff & trusted services.