Have you been a tea-drinker for most of your life and want to change things up? Coffee drinks on the menu can be overwhelming. 

You might be unsure of the caffeine content or whether it’s a sweet or bitter beverage, but don’t let the unexpected turn you away. This article tells you everything you need to know about making that first choice.


Black Coffee Drinks

Black Coffee

It’s all in the name! Black coffee is simply coffee with water and doesn’t include milk, sugars, creamer, or other flavourings. If you like something with a stronger kick to it, this type of coffee wakes you up before work.



The Latte originates from Italy and typically has one to two shots of espresso. A barista will steam – or heat – the milk, topping it with a creamy froth. If you want a smoother, sweeter tasting drink, this is one to try first.


Cappuccino Coffee Drinks

Cappuccino Drink on Desk

Looking for a mid-range drink that is neither completely sweet nor bitter? The cappuccino has an even ratio of espresso to milk in comparison to the latte, but it has less foam on top! Stronger in taste this is usually unsweetened, however, you’re free to add sugar or syrups to your liking. 


Espresso Coffee Drinks

Feeling bold? Try this bolder coffee. Espresso is finely ground and brewed with extreme pressure to deliver a stronger shot. This is a great choice of coffee drink for work, as coffee increases workplace productivity!



This American coffee is made from water and espresso shots. You’ll rarely discover an Americano with dairy in it! If higher-caffeine content is what you want, give this drink a shot. Or two.


Mocha Coffee Drinks

The Mocha has chocolate-based flavours and milk infused with coffee and is similiar in sweetness to the latte. Topped with milky foam or whipped cream, this coffee is a treat. If you want to learn more about coffee beans, here is where you can start.



Shot of Ristretto Coffee

Small but mighty, the Ristretto coffee drink is a shorter shot of espresso. As it’s highly concentrated, it is a lot stronger. Good if you’re always on the go!


Flat White 

Want to try something stronger than a latte with a softer finish? A Flat white has two shots of caffeine mixed with steamed milk and froth.



Coffee Dessert in Cafe'

How much do you love your deserts? Enjoy an Affogato! Italian-based, espresso is poured over multiple scoops of vanilla ice cream. You can order this to go on a vanilla-bean, caramel, or mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks! If you want this deliciousness at home, this is how to make an affogato coffee dessert.



Want to try something interesting as an introduction to coffee? Vienna coffee is notorious for being mainly cream. A barista will combine cream with two shots of black coffee! Sweet yet strong, you’ll love this combo.


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