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Impress your staff, customers and clients with barista-quality coffee at work!



History of the Coffee Machines

Our professional automatic coffee machines bring great tasting Melbourne coffee straight to your workplace

Cafe quality coffee at the press of a button, all day, every day.

Our world-class Super Automatic Coffee Machines are German engineered by WMF, Swiss made by JURA and Italian Made by Necta – offering high quality and ease of use. You’ll notice technological advances that make barista-style coffee at your office or workplace possible. From small business to larger scale offices, single or multi-site – we have a machine that will be perfect for any size business!

The WMF, Dr Coffee, JURA & NECTA machine ranges are pre-programmed with a multitude of different coffee beverages – making it an extremely versatile option suited to everyone in the workplace. As everything is automated, a barista-quality coffee with fresh beans and real milk is all yours with the simple press of a button.

NECTA, Dr Coffee and JURA Fully Automatic & WMF Super Automatic Coffee Machines feature automated cleaning cycles, meaning they will be easy to operate and maintain. Less mess and less clean-up means more time you and your team can spend putting energy towards what really matters! With smart operating modes, these machines offer superior energy efficiency, which will also help to cut down on energy consumption in the office.

What’s even easier is that you’ll be provided with an option of a regular supply of consumables, like quality double-wall paper cups, sugar sticks, wooden stirrers, paper napkins and more. These will be left with you on every service call to your premises. This includes award winning freshly roasted coffee beans and chocolate. We may also be able to accommodate you if you have a preferred coffee brand.

If this sounds like the perfect solution to your coffee needs, it must be time to get in contact! Pricing varies per package. To find out more, simply reach out to us for a coffee and a chat.

Check out our testimonials to see if our coffee machines really do live up to their word!

Commercial Coffee Machine

Exciting NEW Additions to the Boutique Coffee Range!

Introducing NEW Additions to Boutique Coffee Range. Medium in size, big on flavour – the ‘Dr. Coffee’ and Necta range, are the ideal Automatic Coffee Machines for small to medium workplaces. Featuring a sleek and modern design, not only is it easy on the eyes, but it is also extremely easy to use. From grinding beans to producing the perfect cup of coffee, it also has the added benefit of being self-cleaning! It’s easy to use and can be plumbed or tanked.

Low-cost rental options are available on these machines.

Get in touch to learn more!

The most delicious coffee made by you mobile phone

Are you particular with your milk-to-water ratio? Manage your morning coffee with the Barista TS Smart! Use the ‘Melitta Connect’ app to create your ideal coffee on your phone. Choose from 21 coffee recipes with the touch of a button, and enjoy automatic bean selection features to suit your cup. The machine can even remember your unique coffee preferences with the ‘My Coffee Memory’ feature; your coffee at work has never been more convenient.



Krea Touch is the new elegant model which enriches the Necta Horeca family. Appealing design, decorative light, chrome frames, shiny black surfaces, unrivalled performance make Krea Touch the ideal solution for your coffee break.

Necta Kalea Plus


KALEA PLUS is easy to use, by staff and in self-service mode. Just a touch, and anybody can get a high quality drink

offers high-quality espresso based drinks combined with fresh milk, thanks

to the proven Z4000 brewer and the option of

the self adjusting grinders.





Coffee bar blends elegant looks with user-friendly operation, and impressive performance with extensive configuration and customisation options. This machine meets the daily demand of convenient store, bakery, café, restaurant, hotel, lounge, office, etc.
Gathering powder, milk, efficiently brew system, bringing a variety of drinks endless creativity.

Precision grinder with durable ceramic grinding disks

Looking for a professional coffee machine but you assume you don’t have enough space? With its intuitive, easy-to-use screen and consistent in-cup quality, our A300 provides a premium coffee experience in the most compact format. So, whether you’re serving customers in a bakery, a small restaurant or employees in an office, this model has you covered. And if that wasn’t enough, you can always rely on the A300 to produce an excellent cup of coffee no matter if it’s being operated by your staff or an employee using the self-service option.

Coffee Machine Specialist

We help create excellent workplace productivity by building higher staff morale. Treat your staff and customers to better-tasting coffee with our Super Automatic Coffee Machine equipment and services in Melbourne and NOW Australia Wide! Call us now for a consultation on 1300 883 497.


Trained Technicians Trained Technicians Icon

The best office coffee makers made better with our trained technicians! They will look after repairs, maintenance & servicing, so you can look after your business. If required temporary replacement machines are also offered at no extra charge!


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We rent out world-class coffee equipment to businesses all over Melbourne and now Australia-wide! Barista quality coffee, available at the touch of a button.


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We roast and source a daily fresh supply of quality coffee beans. Optional consumable items for Your workplace happiness will be made more enjoyable with our friendly helpful staff & trusted services.