Australian cafes go through up to 80kg of coffee per week. You wouldn’t think it, but your used coffee grounds are one of the best things to recycle. With the advanced technology of today, Arthur Kay and his company, Bio-Bean discovered how coffee can be transformed into a reliable energy source. Let’s give thanks to science!  

That’s right, you too can be part of the push for renewable energy, just by using one of the ‘Boutique Coffee’ coffee machines!

So every time you use any coffee machine in a coffee machine range, you can take pride in knowing you’re not only enjoying exceptional coffee but can contribute to a more sustainable environment too!


You Can Recycle Your Workplace Coffee

Recycling Coffee Cups in Bin

Are your employees constantly going back to your office coffee machine for a second or third espresso-based coffee? With our services, when your coffee waste bin is full, you can easily discard it in a waste bin provided to all of our clients for recycling.  Your business won’t send any unnecessary coffee waste to landfills ever again!

Not only do they help with business waste collection, but they make sure it is put to good use.  Coffee grounds or chaff will be relocated to local communities or gardeners who may need it most. This will be just another wonderful feature, ‘Boutique Coffee’ will offer shortly.  Please contact us for details.


Coffee Grounds Are Great For The Garden!

Coffee and Plants

Do you love attending to your garden as a relaxing past-time? Does your workplace have patches of plants that need a generous dose of TLC? You’ll be happy to know that your morning cups can help nurture them. 

Used coffee grounds can be used sparingly in the soil due to their amazing source of nitrogen. Its high carbon content can help feed the soil. Since it increases a soil’s capacity to hold water, you can sprinkle it onto all types of plants and even grow vegetables! However, it’s at its best as an organic coffee compost

As an addition to your fertiliser, coffee grounds can be an insect repellent if you burn the grounds as you would for incense. This is because they are stronger when burned. Coffee grounds repel slugs, snails, and even cats.  So instead of used coffee being thrown into landfills, it can be used in many creative ways. They are great for worm beds too!


Use Coffee Grounds In Your Beauty Routine

Coffee grounds are surprisingly great for your beauty ritual, so expect to start feeling and looking great! Use them to make hair shinier with a hair mask by massaging it into your scalp, leaving them in for 30 minutes before rinsing. 

Used grounds are also perfect for a body scrub, as the rough texture can clear any dead skin cells. This is an amazing alternative to traditional beauty products that can contain harmful chemicals! 


Coffee Grounds Can Benefit As A Biofuel

Wood Logs on Fire

Coffee can generate electricity. Yes, used coffee grounds can be used as fuel, thanks to Bio-Bean’s ingenuity! Oils are extracted from the grounds to produce biofuel. This is a renewable energy source that can be used for home fire logs or log-burning stoves. 

This has the potential to be life-changing for farmers and prevent excess pollution as well, so imagine the positive impact your morning cup can have on others. Perhaps in the future, plant-derived fuels will replace the carbon-based fuels we primarily use!  

All in all, if you’re looking for a way for your business to contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle, doing something as simple as recycling coffee grounds will go a long way.

If you have no idea where to begin the recycling process, consider contacting us for details. We’ll help you with a professional organization that knows its way around reusable coffee. Such a small gesture can make a world of difference. 

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