Although not well known across coffee shop menus, this magical secret menu item is slowly becoming mainstream across Melbourne. It’s a simple way of enjoying your morning beverage: a double ristretto, topped with steamed milk.

But why should you give it a try? With the taste strictly dependent on proportions, you’ll be surprised at how one small change can make a world of difference to a delicious coffee.


What Is Double Ristretto?


Ristretto comes from the word “restricted”, basically meaning less than the average espresso shot. Instead of 30ml, a ristretto is 20ml of coffee.

Since the flow of espresso is cut off earlier, there’s less water and no bitter notes extracted. This makes a ristretto shot sweeter and more intense than other espresso shots.


What Is Steamed Milk?


Steamed milk is an almost identical consistency to the flat white, as it is glossy and silky. The main difference is the milk isn’t made as hot as a latte, so the magic coffee can be enjoyed quicker.


Magic Coffee VS Flat White

Magic Coffee Comparison Drinks



Although almost identical, the clear differences are in the size of the cup, the quantity of milk, and the number of espresso shots.

A flat white is ultimately creamier in taste, however, the magic coffee is a small shot with a stronger dose of caffeine. If you’re aiming for coffee that is quick to make before your working day, it’s a great way to wake your brain faster.


Magic Coffee VS Piccolo


This small yet mighty coffee trend is very similar to the piccolo coffee drink. The piccolo latte has more espresso in comparison to milk and is often made in a tumbler glass or traditional espresso cup.

The Melbourne magic coffee overall is more balanced in flavour, which could contribute to its popularity. Are you curious about other types of coffee drinks? Here is the ultimate guide to coffee drinks.


How To Make Magic Coffee

Magic Coffee in Cups

Source: The Times


Firstly, you’ll want a 150ml cup as magic coffee isn’t made in a standard coffee cup. If you don’t have one, fill a normal-sized cup ¾ of the way full. This is so you achieve the aesthetic quality of magic coffee.


Next, extract a double risotto, or a double espresso, which is 40ml of coffee. Due to this espresso being cut off mid-way, it has more acidity and less water. Using a portafilter basket is the ideal option for making this, but it’s up to you!


Now you need to steam your milk similar to a flat white without much micro foam. It’s important to note that magic coffee has cooler milk rather than hot, making it easier to drink.


Finally, by combining both, you want a 50-50 ratio of espresso and milk. It’s so simple and can be drunk smoothly and with ease, much like a yummy dessert. Are you curious about how to craft the best espresso? Here are some great espresso brewing tips for beginners.


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