The great thing about coffee is being able to customise each cup in thousands of ways. What coffee syrups should you try? This article tells you about the best brands to date! Would you try them?


What Are Coffee Syrups?

To put it simply, these syrups are sweet liquids that you cook sugar with water. They come in dozens of unique flavours and are used to make a coffee taste more interesting. They are used both in hot and cool coffee drinks and aren’t to be confused with coffee sauces. Sauces are reserved for hot beverages!


How Can You Use Them?

Coffee Syrup Poured onto Desserts

There are many ways to use syrups, and not just topping them over coffee. You can use them to flavour desserts such as cakes, cookies, or homemade sauces, which is a great kitchen trick!

Flavour cocktails, mocktails, or even your morning tea. Create ice cream flavours, icing for cakes, and coffee pancakes, or you can put them into ice cubes if you wish. If you have a creative mind, there will be hundreds of ways to make syrups more enticing!


Wisdom Foods Syrups

Does sugar-free glazed donut syrup sound scrumptious to you? Wisdom Foods have a range of creative flavours, such as caramel cream cheesecake, salted dark chocolate, iced cinnamon roll, peanut butter cup, birthday cake, and even cookie dough syrup! If you’re wanting a midnight treat, look no further, as these are sugar-free, calorie-free, and low-carb.


Cashmere Syrups

Cashmere Syrups Website Banner

If you’ve never heard of this brand before, you need to try them out! Cashmere Coffee Syrups have some of the best on the market. Delicious flavours include their Caramel, Irish Creme, Red Velvet, Macadamia, and even a Gingerbread Coffee Syrup.


The Café Supplier Syrups

Wanting more premium-tasking coffee? Try the Cafe Supplier! They have syrups such as caramel flavours, vanilla, hazelnut, chai, peppermint, and more. Try their Arkadia Premium Butterscotch Syrup. If you need guidance on what coffee to pour your syrup in, here is the ultimate guide to types of coffee drinks.


Mono Coffee Syrups

Monin Coffee Syrups Website Banner

Do you like all things organic? Try out these organic syrups from Monin, which produce natural sweeteners for your coffee. You can enjoy their chocolate, raspberry, hazelnut, vanilla, or Agave Organic Nectar, which offers a subtle honey flavour.


Crema Coffee Garage Syrups

Don’t be misled by their smaller range! Crema Coffee Garage takes pride in their Toschi Vignola brand, authentic Italian syrups. Try gourmet flavours such as classic caramel, hazelnut, or Toschi Vanilla Syrup.


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