Are you new to the world of coffee? The variety in coffee beans can be overwhelming to first-time coffee drinkers since there are 120 types in total. The most common beans are Arabica and Robusta, but there are also sub-species of beans to choose from!  This blog is the ultimate guide to getting you started. 


Robusta Coffee Beans

Originating from the Coffea Canephora plant based in Africa, the Robusta is known for its more earthy, harsher taste. 25% of Robusta makes up the coffee industry and is typically used in instant coffees, expressos, and ground coffee. If you have the tastebuds for a stronger drink, this bean is a more cost-effective option! These beans are also easy to grow and thrive at lower altitudes. 

2.7% higher in caffeine compared to other beans, it is strong enough to keep you awake during those long office hours! If you want to bring coffee into your office, here are some ways coffee increases workplace productivity


Arabica Coffee Beans

Arabica Coffee Plant Close Up

If you like to double the amount of sugar, taste one of the most wanted coffee beans in the world. Originally from Ethiopia, it takes up 60-70% of the world’s coffee production. Arabica coffee is less bitter and milder than most.

With only 1.5 percent of caffeine, it’s a good choice for those who enjoy a sweeter, softer-tasting drink. These beans are also very fragile and need to be grown in cooler climates. 


Excelsa Coffee Beans

Woman Pouring Coffee Beans, Fresh

Taking up less than 7% of the world’s coffee, Excelsa grows in South East Asia and is unique in terms of flavours. The beans are low in caffeine, resemble light roast coffee, and have hints of fruit or wood. The richness can change depending on how you brew it!

The Coffea Excelsa plant can also grow in very dry soil without complications, but it needs to be monitored and pruned accordingly. Excelsa can grow up to 15ft!


Liberica Coffee Beans

Wanting to taste one of the rarest types of coffee? Stemming from the Coffea Liberica plant in Liberia, North West Africa, these make up 2% of coffee!

Typically a dark roast, they have a woody taste with flowers and fruit, so if you like a bit of an energy kick, you will enjoy this intense blend! Liberica coffee also grows in harsh climates and is difficult to harvest. It would be worth taste testing. 


Guatemala Coffee Beans

Hand Full of Coffee Beans

Hot chocolate fan? You’re in for a treat with this luxury coffee option. Grown in rich volcanic soil in South America, this is a sub-species of the Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Liberica bean. It is very popular among lovers of chocolate.

The Guatemala bean has a deep chocolate cocoa flavouring with hints of nuts as a dark roast. Without a doubt, this is a safe zone if you want to try coffee for the first time!


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