The Brewing Perfection: A Guide to Choosing the Best Workplace Coffee Machine

May 11 2024

As a beloved beverage worldwide, automatic workplace coffee machines are an essential staple. According to this survey on coffee habits in 2021, 68% of Generation Z felt more productive after a coffee break.

Regular coffee breaks and sipping delicious cups of coffee while working a great ways for employees to stay energetic and come up with creative ideas.

Whether you’re a small business or a bigger enterprise, adding a coffee machine into your break room is bound to boost productivity. Delve into how to choose the best machine for your workspace, factors to consider, and types of coffee machines worth the investment. 


The Importance of a Good Cup of Coffee at Work

Coffee culture in the workplace shapes social interactions and the work environment, why are office coffee machines important at work?


  • Powerful routines. Morning coffee routines are a good way to transition to a more productive morning, prepare for an important meeting, or take an afternoon coffee break. For office workers, this creates a structure to the workday.
  • Creates a positive workplace culture. Facilitating teamwork, coffee creates a space where teams can build connections on a more personal level, engage in conversation and break down social barriers. If someone is new to the team, espresso machines are a way to get to know them!
  • Help employees become more productive. Coffee on the job helps to focus the mind, improves reaction time, attention span, and reasoning, and enhances memory and concentration. If you have a long schedule of meetings for the day, cups of coffee will keep the mind fresh and awake.
  • Improves morale. A cup of coffee will always motivate staff to do their best, and cost-effective office perks such as free coffee is a big plus to any coffee lover. Saving that long walk to the nearest cafe, employees will always feel valued and appreciated.

How Choosing the Right Coffee Machine Enhances Coffee Experience

Instead of visiting coffee shops on breaks, employers can easily create delicious coffee. Whether the fan favourite is a flat white or simply black coffee, how can you decide on the best coffee machine for your business?


1. Identify coffee consumption habits

What is the quantity of hot drinks consumed daily by your staff? Is there a preferred coffee preference or coffee bean type? This will help you cater to everyone, guiding you between single-serve cup coffee machines or commercial brands that handle larger demands.

The chosen machine needs to deliver high-quality coffee beans, with freshly roasted or ground beans for superior flavour and instant coffee alternatives. If in doubt, put into place a workplace poll!


2. Consider machine features

When researching a commercial coffee machine for your office, you want to create an enjoyable coffee experience, and the features make a difference!

Will the machine fit in your breakout room? Depending on available space, a compact capsule coffee machine may be better suited. Bigger models such as automatic espresso machines offer more variety.

With brewing systems, this depends on personal preference and volume requirements. Your employees may prefer the ease of a push-button machine for instant hot coffee. You also want the machine to be simple to use as this saves time and cuts the need for extensive training. Think about temperature control, milk frothers, and whether there’s a hot chocolate option!


3. Analyse maintenance requirements

With any commercial coffee machine, you need to think about its maintenance.

Maintenance frequency. How often do you need the machine serviced? This varies depending on the type, brand, and usage level. An automatic machine may need more attention due to its complex brewing system, whereas pod coffee machines need less upkeep as they use pre-packaged ground coffee.

Types of maintenance. Cleaning and service can include comprehensive professional cleaning or regular rinsing or descaling by staff members.

Lifespan. An espresso coffee machine in good shape offers fresh milk for years, keeping the coffee experience alive in your office. If the machine lasts, this will support long-term expenses for your workplace.


4. Budget considerations

Does your chosen workplace coffee machine meet the industry standard? It’s important not to overlook the financial implications.


Consider whether to lease, purchase, or rent your coffee machines. If an upfront cost is higher than expected, each cup of espresso may be less pricey in the long run.

Leasing a cup espresso machine is a flexible choice, often including servicing within the contract. This ensures the machine works when your employees need it. Rent a coffee machine as a short-term solution for your corporate event.


5. Evaluation of environmental impact

Do you value your company’s carbon footprint? The commercial office coffee machine you decide on


Is it energy-efficient? Many machines have an Energy Star Rating, and this will tell you whether it consumes power in both operation and standby modes. Not only can your company reduce energy usage, but long-term savings on utility costs are on the table.

Aim for waste reduction. Making coffee beverages with capsule machines is convenient, yet often generates waste from their single-use pods. Automatic machines or ground coffee options produce less waste as they use fresh beans, so your employees can experience the perfect extraction while keeping waste to a minimum.

Choose sustainable corporate coffee.  Fair-trade certified ground beans are fresh and quality-controlled by local, trusted roasters that go straight to the source. From bean selection to processing and roasting, your hot beverages can contribute towards sustainable practices.


If you’re looking for an automatic coffee machine hire, your team can experience a cafe-quality brew with Boutique Coffee. Experience corporate coffee solutions with our machine range today.


Types of Coffee Machines



The Coffee Bar

As a fully automatic machine that produces up to 200 cups a day, what are the essential features of the Coffee Bar?

Excellent design features. Experience a life cycle of 300k cups, with high and low extraction time brewing. There is a brewing system, powder system, milk system, and separate hot water spout.

Innovative user interface. With a 10.2″ touch screen, employees can easily select their favourite drink. Remote set-up and control, mobile payments, and data analysis are accessible to employers. 

Easy-clean. The milk system is self-cleaning due to its automatic rinsing program.

High daily output. The Dr Coffee can handle over 100 cups a day of espresso, 80 cups of Americano, 80 cups of cappuccino, an hourly hot water output of 30L, and a water tank capacity of 4L.


The Franke A300

Franke brings the perfect espresso for coffee drinkers, but why is it a great option? 

User-friendly design. Accessible to everyone in the office, Franke is a simple coffee machine for those who prefer easy controls and a compact format. With an 8″ touch screen, employees are easily guided through drink selection.

Reliable. Built to last, the Franke is consistent and reliable, keeping the coffee flowing. Any office worker will be impressed! Capacity for cups per hour includes 124 for single espresso,  92 for cappuccino, and 77 for ground coffee.

Innovative. With high-performing, durable ceramic disc grinders to FoamMaster for hot milk and milk foam the way a barista would make it, Franke improves the coffee-making experience. 

Easy to clean. An automatic cleaning system is perfect for keeping the machine hygienic.

Versatility. From lattes to cappuccinos and flat whites, every team member can choose their ideal brew.


The Krea Touch

As a beautiful model for any workspace, the Krea Touch has many desirable features.

Sleek design. With decorative light, chrome frames and shiny black surfaces, the Krea is the ideal solution for your coffee break.

Reliable components. Experience a wider cup room that is easy to clean. A stainless steel delivery area with a tiltable metal cup support!

Simple interface. Includes a 7” HD touch screen with LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G as an option to be connected to the N&W cloud platform. The wider touchscreen offers many selections, with flexible, customisable drink recipes, and branding or promotional video management.


The Kalea Plus

High-speed and high-performing, how does the Kalea Plus compare to professional baristas? 

User-friendly. Easy to use by staff and in self-service mode with its 16g espresso brewer, all it takes is a touch of a button to get a high-quality coffee cup!

Delicious coffee. Espresso-based drinks are combined with fresh milk thanks to its Z4000 brewer and self-adjusting grinders. 

Feel like a barista. The Kalea Plus can be fitted with a professional steam wand, so you can make the ideal cappuccino foam. This machine is fitted with a rotating pump, essential for busy workplaces needing the perfect latte.

IoT connectivity. With advanced features such as WiFi and Bluetooth modules embedded, the Kalea machine is also 3G compatible.


Want the perfect brew to support your business operations? With quick heat-up times, strong built-in grinders and delectable coffee roasts, Boutique Coffee supports you with workplace coffee machine rentals in Melbourne.


Boutique Coffee – Office Coffee Machines in Melbourne

Founded in 2008, Boutique Coffee understands the value a sip of coffee can bring to a team.

Whether you want to add to your daily routine, explore commercial coffee machine brands, or discuss how great-tasting coffee will improve business, Boutique Coffee gives employees access to rent coffee machines in Melbourne

With trained technicians who look after repairs and maintenance to world-class office coffee machines, we rent out a Barista-quality coffee machine range to anyone looking for a reliable source of coffee for their 9 to 5. Contact our friendly staff today, and learn how it works for the ultimate coffee experience.

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