Looking to purchase a coffee machine for your office but don’t know where to look? If you want something compact and powerful, the Coffee Bar by Dr Coffee is a great alternative to the average store-bought coffee machine. What’s so enticing about this machine? This article has everything you need to know.


The Coffee Bar is User Friendly

Lady Drinks Coffee at Work

When using a coffee machine in the workplace, you’re going to want that coffee as soon as possible. With the Coffee Bar by Dr Coffee, this is possible. The 10.1” touch screen is easier to operate than a smartphone, so your employees can configure and customise your coffee to your liking.

Why is it worth purchasing a coffee machine for the workplace? Coffee increases workplace productivity. You’ll see a massive difference in work ethic, especially with a machine that anyone can work with.


There’s A Range Of Useful Features

For such a small machine, this coffee maker has a lot to offer. The tank capacity is 4L and supports tap water, purified water, or water from a tank! A milk cooler is also a feature you can make use of, which also includes an electric cooling system. You can even heat your cups before you drink! However you choose to customise your coffee, it will always taste delicious.

With the Coffee Bar, the average hourly output for expresso coffee is 100 cups of coffee per hour, so it’s perfect for supplying enough to your small or medium business. It guarantees to impress staff knowing they can access coffee on the go without complications. If someone wants two coffees before getting into that staff meeting, they surely can!


The Coffee Bar is Self-Cleaning

Man Cleaning Coffee Machine

If you think it would be a chore to clean a coffee machine, don’t stress. The Coffee Bar cleans itself automatically with the one-button maintenance feature. The machine is equipped with a brewer rinse, an automatic milk rinse, and a powder rinse. This saves hours of unnecessary effort, so you have the time to focus on what’s important: your staff feeling content at work.


You Can Analyse Your Results

Do you like to always keep track of the numbers? With the Dr Coffee Coffee Bar, you’ll always be up to date on the data. Take note of the most popular drink patterns, view hourly orders in real-time, keep an eye on maintenance warnings, or set up the machine remotely if you’re out of the office.

You can also have access to the total daily or weekly orders and compare this information with previous months! With the analysis feature, you’ll always understand what your employees are looking for. Will they want coffee earlier in the morning? You’ll know what to do in advance.


Are you seeking an office coffee machine specialist in Melbourne?

At Boutique Coffee we supply only the best-quality coffee machine range, and you can rent these for your workplace! Your staff will work more effectively and happily, so feel free to contact us today for a personalised special offer. We value the importance of a good coffee at work!