There are many ways to coffee brewing, but it involves a lot of trial and error. Different brewing styles have unique rules, extractions, techniques, and tastes, and hot and cold brew is a good starting point! This blog will tell you everything you need to know.


What is Cold Coffee Brewing?

Don’t confuse this with iced coffee. Cold coffee brewing isn’t cooled with ice, its brewed with cold water so it varies in flavour, acidity, bitterness, and aroma. 

It’s usually smooth and rounded with a fruity flavour, so if you like a sweeter-tasting drink you may prefer this type of brewing! It can take over 12 hours of steeping to complete the brewing process, but the tasty results would be worth the wait.


How is it Made?

Cold brew is made with patience at 10-15°C. Steep coarsely grounded coffee at room temperature. 

Once you steep it, separate the coffee grounds, strain, and chill before serving. Serve on its own, with diluted water or ice! Here’s a great guide on how to make cold brew coffee.


What Are The Benefits of Cold Brew?

Cold Brewed Coffee Poured

Cold brew coffee is 67% lower in acidity, meaning it’s less likely to cause heartburn and give you a sore stomach. 

It’s sweeter and less bitter than most coffee brews, so there’s no need to add extra sweeteners! It’s great if you’re trying to cut sugars from your diet.

Cold brewing usually contributes to zero waste too, as it can last up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator. Brew to the desired amount of strength you prefer, one cup at a time.

You can choose to drink it hot or cold. Heat in the microwave or boil some hot water if you’d like, or turn it into an iced coffee. Being able to customise this brew the way you like makes it a perfect versatile drink.


What is Hot Brew?

The hot brew is coffee that’s been brewed with hot water. Hot brew coffee is full of flavour and is a lot stronger, with more bitter notes than cold brew. 

However, it’s not more potent than regular coffee; you can increase the strength by altering the hot-water to coffee ratio. Want to know more about coffee brewing? Here are some espresso brewing tips for beginners.


How is it Made?

Hot Water, Hot Brew

Apply hot water to a medium-sized ground of coffee beans. You can do this with two main techniques: infusion and immersion. With infusion, hot water travels through grounded coffee by a filter, extracting every bit of flavour. 

As for immersion, leaving coffee in the hot water to steep, and is eventually strained out. Make hot brew using a French press, a pour-over coffee maker, or even a drip machine. Choose what is easier for you! 


What Are The Benefits of Hot Brew?

Hot brew and cold brew coffee is chemically different. The hot brew has higher levels of antioxidants from coffee grinds when steeped in comparison to cold brewing, and this is the case regardless of the roasting. Overall, if you want higher acidity and antioxidants, always consider the way you roast!


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