If you’re a coffee connoisseur, or just enjoy the occasional coffee, coffee podcasts are great when you’re on the go. You can learn about the latest news in the industry, listen to experts in the field, coffee roasts, courses, and more. Listen along with your morning cup while heading to work and you’ll find out something you didn’t know!


The Filament Coffee Podcast

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The Filament Coffee Podcast is run by three people; two who run their own coffee business and one who doesn’t! Listen to discussions on the coffee smugglers of history, three rules to run a café, and facts about cold-brew coffee.

If you’re interested in real personal stories by people who work in the industry, this podcast may be up your alley. 


Market Lane Coffee Podcast

Women in Front of Market Lane

Bought a coffee here before? Market Lane has amazing coffee and the Coffee Up! Podcast is run by their wholesaler team. Learn about Kenyan coffee, Brazilian coffee, or the origins, variety, and process of their coffee blends. 


Food and Drink Business Podcast

Food and Drink Business give you the latest on Australia’s food and beverage, so you’ll know about the best leaders in the industry. The podcast interviewed Dhuwa Coffee, one of Australia’s first Indigenous-owned and maintained coffee businesses!

The episode – Dhuwa coffee – Reconciliation in a cup – discusses how Australia’s oldest culture and oldest coffee roasting works together.


The Daily Coffee Pro

Do you want a daily dose of coffee updates? The Daily Coffee Pro Podcast by Map It Forward produces content every Monday through Friday! Listen in on coffee branding tips, the coffee economy, coffee production, and how technology will assist your coffee business!


Coffee. Science. Guru.

If you loved taking science in high school, you’ll love this coffee podcast. Combining science with coffee has never worked so well. 

Dr Adam Carr and Josh create episodes on the art of being a barista, café trends, reusable cups, coffee and health, lever espresso, and more. Interested in knowing more? Check out their YouTube channel, Seven Miles Coffee Roasters for the latest on coffee science.


Marvell Street Podcast

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As a small roasting business in the heart of Byron Bay, Marvell Street believes coffee should have minimal intervention. Mike, Joe, and Nico run the podcast and speak about the importance of your staff, how they began their business, specialty coffee, and even green coffee!


The Coffee Commune Podcast

The Coffee Commune

The Coffee Commune is not just a tight-knit community for coffee enthusiasts to connect, but their podcast is as well. 

Raihaan and Kane discuss broad topics such as branding your café, their passion for food, entrepreneurs with the newest coffee blends, and the intersection of arts and business. If you’ve ever considered opening your café, you’ll love the advice this podcast offers.


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