Have you ever wondered if you’d enjoy working in a coffee shop and preparing delicious cups of coffee? If you’re interested in learning how to become a barista, this article will guide you on the best coffee courses available! You’ll know how to brew beans in no time.


Melbourne Coffee Academy

Melbourne Coffee Academy Interior

Source: Melbourne Coffee Academy

This school is known for having the best coffee training in the industry. Trainers have over 18 years of experience, so you’ll learn more than just the basic principles of coffee beans. 

Learn coffee theory in the Basic Espresso course, Advanced Espresso, filter coffee techniques in the Filter Coffee course, and even Barista Apprenticeships are on the table if you’d like to jump right in! No matter your experience level, this place has something in it for you.


TMG College Coffee Courses 

TMG College has a variety of courses that may pique your interest, including their Barista Package! Located in Queen Street, Melbourne, this course combines their Barista Classic and Latte Art courses, so you’ll receive the benefits of both.

Next time you head to work, you’ll be able to make your professional coffee, and in turn, increase workplace productivity!


Espresso School Coffee Courses

This is another great hands-on course in Clayton South, Melbourne. They have multiple facilities catered specifically to high-quality barista training, and you could be part of it.

Begin on their Level 1 course on coffee, which will include all the espresso basics you need to start making a professional coffee. If you want to be more creative in the kitchen, their Level 2 course consists of latte art! You’ll learn a handful of gorgeous designs. Video Call Coaching is also on the cards if you can’t get to the city.


Chisholm Barista and Coffee Training

Chisholm Student Pouring Coffee

Source: Mornington Peninsula Magazine

If you’re close to Dandenong or Frankston campuses, the Chisholm Barista and Coffee Training course will be perfect for you. Learn everything regarding the art of coffee makers such as flavours, roasts, beans, blends, equipment, and techniques. The best part is, you’ll learn this all within a day! 

The TAFE also has an Introduction To Coffee if you’re mainly looking to get your foot in the door into a café working environment. 


Class Bento Coffee Courses

Do you want to specialise in latte art? Class Bento is your ultimate classroom resource in Melbourne for learning the craft. The Latte Art Workshop is great for beginners or intermediate baristas. 

You’ll learn how to create textures with milk, the right way to extract espresso, and free pouring techniques. You’ll be confident enough to start making them at work!


Barista Hustle Courses

Barista Hustle Website Homepage

Source: Barista Hustle

Love to learn from the comfort of your home? Barista Hustle is a top-tier online training provider that offers unlimited access to their dozens of coffee lessons! 

Learn the history of coffee making, milk science, coffee buyer guides, quality control roasting science, etc. This is the ultimate training package if you want to know as much as possible before you head out into the hospitality field.


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