The city of Melbourne has a delicious coffee culture and still lives up to that reputation. You won’t find a single Melburnian denying it, so if a search for the best-tasting coffee is on your bucket list, these are the top coffee shops in Melbourne that you need to visit! 


ST ALI Coffee in Melbourne

ST ALI Coffee Shop

Source: Broadstreet


Firstly, ST ALI  in Port Melbourne has an entire area dedicated to coffee, which will without a doubt please coffee enthusiasts of all ages. They harbour blends that are ethically sourced.

Coffee beans for the public to purchase as also available, such as Italian whole bean espresso blends, Columbia and Brazil beans, specialty instant coffee, their house espresso blends, and more. 


Two Birds One Stone Coffee

Two Birds One Stone Cafe

Source: Gastrology


Do you love eating and drinking healthy? In the heart of the South Yarra, Two Birds One Stone serve you coffee beans and a vegan breakfast to go with it! The French-inspired café’ serves brunch along with pastries and pancakes for those with a sweet tooth. 


Padre Coffee 

Padre Coffee Shop Worker

Source: Stay Happening


This coffee in Melbourne is high-quality and sustainable. Padre Coffee in Brunswick East offers customers coffee subscriptions for many of their unique blends, too! 

Blends are seasonal expresso blends, organic expresso, and many other flavour choices. You’re free to choose a brew method with each subscription, so your favourites are shipped with your taste in mind.


Market Lane Coffee in Melbourne

Market Lane Coffee Shop

Source: CN Traveler


Market Lane Coffee has environmentally friendly coffee and invests in carbon-neutral climate change projects. 

Their flavours consist of fruits, vanilla, pineapple, brown sugar, black tea, melon combined with honey, and even grape and apple topped with caramel! If you’re new to the coffee-making experience, they supply a collection of useful brewing guides too!


Brother Baba Budan Coffee in Melbourne

Brother Baba Budan Coffee Shop

Source: Visit Melbourne


The best coffee in Melbourne is at Brother Baba Budan, situated on Little Bourke Street. The shop is named after Baba Budan, famous for smuggling seven coffee seeds from Yemen. These seeds are used in coffee today!

Sip milk-based coffee, Brazil and Columbian style coffee, batched brewed coffee, and purchase up to a kilo of their amazing blends. Become wowed by the taste of the coffee, and the chairs on the ceiling as well. 


Bench Coffee Co 

Bench Coffee Co

Source: Bench Coffee Co


Bench Coffee is located on several streets, including Saint Kilda road, Little Collins Street, and St Collins Lane. Enjoy their specialty options: they import green coffee from their natural environment in seasonal espresso blends, with additional single-origin blends from Ethiopia! If you want to expand your coffee pallet, pop in for a visit.

The Premises Coffee

Boy Eating Lunch Coffee Shop

Source: Mamma Knows West


Are you passing through the town of Kensington? Visit The Premises. With beautiful breakfast options like Canadian pancakes and homemade granola, they use the Seven Seeds of the Middle East. 

Furthermore, they also have filter coffee and single-origin expresso which includes organic soy, lactose-free, almond milk, and wellness lattes with turmeric or matcha! This coffee in Melbourne is a good alternative if you want to explore more organic coffee.


Maker Coffee

Maker Coffee Logo

Source: Never Now


At Maker Coffee, seasonal coffee is sourced all around the world. Purchase freshly roasted beans with flavours such as washed plum, orange and dark chocolate, tropical fruit punch, concord grape, and brown sugar. You can visit Richmond, South Yarra, and Little Bourke Street. 


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