Office coffee machines are guaranteed to energise you with the first cup of coffee of the day. However, many office coffee machine ranges have endless options to choose from, so the browsing process can get tiring. This article is your best reference for finding some of the best coffee makers on the market! 

Dr Coffee H10 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Red Coffee Machine With Coffee Cup

Image Credit: Dr Coffee

Keep your coffee breaks in the office!  If you’re a small business with minimal office space, the Dr Coffee H10 office coffee machine has all the essentials you need. Make espresso, americano, regular coffee, and even hot chocolate.

Milk coffee is conveniently at your employees’ fingertips. This machine has a 16g Coffee Brew Unit and 500g bean capacity, so your workroom will always be stocked! With a 2-litre water tank, minimal noise when brewing, and a simple 7” touch screen, staff always have a fresh cup to brew. Automatic leaning features included.


Jura S8 Chrome Office Coffee Machine

Image Credit: Domayne

Want to get your team started on a busy workday ahead?  Your staff will love the Jura S8 model. Developed in Switzerland, this stunning office coffee machine is a premium, compact chrome design. It’s perfect for a small or medium-sized business!

Operated easily with a modern 4.3” touchscreen, it’s unique for the high grind quality of fine coffee grounds. Your taste buds won’t be able to get enough! Create over 15 different cups. From espressos to lattes made with fine foam, every sip will be a tasteful one. You can even link a smartphone to it using the Wi-Fi Connect feature. Who knew coffee machines could be so intelligent?


Delonghi Primadonna Soul Coffee Machine

Primadonna Soul Coffee Machine

Image Credit: The AU Review

Do you want to always remain focused in the workplace? The Delonghi Primadonna Soul takes automatic office coffee to the next level! With advanced technology, your staff can customise the machine according to their favourite beans. 

With a 500ml capacity, creamy long-lasting milk, 4.3” colour display, and Wi-fi connection features, this machine have everything your business will need to ensure maximum productivity!


Necta Kalea Plus Automatic Coffee Machine

Necta Kalea Plus

Image Credit: iSpy Coffee

If you want to mirror an Italian coffee experience at work, the Necta Kalea Plus is your go-to for workplace coffee! 

As a high-speed 7” touch system with customisable options within the menu, staff can indulge in the taste and culture of Italy. Added options are self-adjusting grinders, a 20-litre tank, a glass front door fridge, a cup warmer, and a rotating pump for a busy workspace. 


Necta Krea Touch Automatic Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine Touch Screen

Image Credit: Caffia

Have you just opened your business? Do you want to liven up the place with the scent of coffee beans? The Krea Touch is a simple design but is flexible in terms of customisation! 

This smart coffee system includes an equipped base cabinet, cup warmer, glass front door, and gorgeous 7” touch screen. Efficient, quick, and easy. Mornings in the workspace will always be looked forward to.


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